Who We Are


From humble beginnings in Subiaco and after years of meticulous research, the JACK LEE aesthetic was born. We pride ourselves on our completely local product development, utilising over 70 years of fine craftsmanship and combining delicate tailoring with our unparalleled attention to detail. We strive to continually delight and inspire our customers with beautiful garments designed to echo a genuinely Australian way of living.



At JACK LEE Australia, we’re dedicated to creating top quality garments which capture the relaxed sophistication of the Australian business landscape. 

Our men aspire to be mavericks, placing value in their careers and mate ship whilst enjoying expressing their inner panache through a leg covered in mint denim or a subtle monochrome checkered lining.


From the boardroom right through to the bedroom, our passion at JACK LEE Australia is to have you covered - always.