Known for its aesthetic which captures the relaxed sophistication of the Australian business landscape and beautifully tailored menswear garments, at JACK LEE we dress the professional man.

We believe in style not fashion.

JACK LEE Australia is based in Perth.   After years of meticulous research, the JACK LEE aesthetic was born in 2011. We strive to continually delight and inspire our customers with beautiful garments designed to echo a genuinely Australian way of living.

We are dedicated to creating top quality garments.

From the boardroom right through to the bedroom – JACK LEE Australia has you covered, always. 

Jack Lee Australia was thrilled to present its new season collection with inspiration drawn from the suburban landscape.

Perhaps surprisingly, we found beauty in the sparse, dry landscaping of typical 1970's homes and gardens, and using floral motifs such as the strelitzia and bouganvillea we brought a new perspective to what may have once been considered the ordinary.

This collection was completely Australian made.

Highlights from this collection included an exclusive hand painted print.