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Emily Parish from Telethon Adventures.

By Jacki-Lee Munckton

Profession: Elliot's mum and full time fundraiser for Telethon Adventures. 
It was a cold winter's night and a few girlfriends and I had purchased tickets to support a local colleague with her adventure to walk the Great Wall of China and raise money for childhood cancer through the charity Telethon Adventures. 
What we didn't expect, was to be blown away by how an "ordinary" Perth couple who are taking on an extraordinary life journey after losing one of their children to cancer.
The Telethon Adventurers are a group of people dedicated to finding the cause and ultimately the cure for childhood cancer; they raise money by conducting adventurous, arduous and sometimes dangerous activities all over the world.
What an exceptional night Emily. Are all your fundraisers such good fun and stylish soirees?   
The fundraising nights are always incredible and varied. They can range from fashion shows to quiz nights – and that adaptability is the secret to their success. 
So you told us the story of little Elliot and it is published on your website. How are you doing? 
As best I can – with the card that life has dealt. 
Jack Lee men enjoy facing their fear. Putting themselves out there. What's the most risky adventure the charity has supported?  Any ideas for adventures which haven't been done yet? 
Mount Blanc in France is the most "risky" adventure Telethon Adventures has supported. Only one person has summited it and Rick Parish (Emily's husband and founder of Telethon Adventures) has tried a few times. We have also had someone walk under water to Rottnest and there was the Antarctic marathon last year. 
As for adventures which haven't been done yet, the grand canyon rim to rim would be great. Or the harbour bridge. We are really trying to engage anyone from families to mountain climbers. I'll be walking the Great Wall of China with 21 people including my 71 year old aunty. It will really be a trip of body, mind and soul. 
And finally, what's the secret to all of your and Rick's energy? 
We are both fit people with a natural love to be busy. Our secret though is fitness, family, good food and fun. We love and are grateful the charity and events flow in and out of our life. We also love to go out and have fun together, this has been a key ingredient; in some way it helps balance things out. Balance is a key word for me, I believe when things aren't working in the family unit, something is out of balance. 
For more details go to  Team China donation page. 

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