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The Business of Briefs

By Lucas Spezzacatena

Here at JACK LEE Australia, we love hearing about local labels who share our passion of helping the wider community. ZAYN Underwear is one of those labels doing so whilst making your 'package' look oh so good - all at the same time! We sit down with the man behind it all - Jarryd Haefele...

So, tell us a little bit about Zayn Underwear?

I've developed a brand of underwear called Zayn. It's all about looking and feeling comfortable whilst at the same time, giving back and knowing you’re doing a good thing!

The idea came about one day by purely wanting to be my own boss and also creating my own brand identity. I'd read articles and read some really fascinating stories on origins of other major labels. I knew it was something I wanted to do, and from that moment it was a dream I haven't let go of.

I began researching ideas to creating my own business, and knew I had to start off small. I found underwear to be fascinating with the different styles, colours and materials and thought, I'll give it a go. I sat down and sketched a few ideas in my bedroom, asked my friends what they liked wearing, and then I was off!

 And how did this great idea of donating to beyondblue come about?

The next step I wanted to achieve was to be able to give back to an organisation that was close to my heart. I didn't just want to make money, I wanted to give back. Having had family members diagnosed with depression and anxiety, I chose beyondblue. 


What's the design process in creating a pair of Zayn undies? (I don't think it's as easy as everyone may think!)

Having had NO experience in fashion design, I had a lot to learn. From different materials, to different cuts, measurements - practically EVERYTHING. I can cheekily say that Google was a big help! But I consider myself a fast learner, and one of my favourite things to do is teach myself something new.

I have a degree in graphic design, so I knew my way around Photoshop and Illustrator which came in handy when creating the mock designs to send away to be produced. To me this process was the best part! (Apart from receiving my first samples and holding the product in my hands).

What makes a 'good' pair of undies?

I find the best pair of undies need 

  1. Support
  2. To look good 
  3. Most importantly - comfort.

Zayn can be worn all day, fits snug around the important areas... and doesn't ride up like most brands. I think I've converted a few guys to wearing Zayn underwear!


I'm sure it can be incredibly satisfying and humbling to see the funds from this collaboration at work in the community. What kinds of initiatives do the funds raised go towards supporting?

The money that is raised for beyondblue is directed towards funding their programs, research and campaigns which in turn increases awareness of depression and anxiety, reduces the stigma that comes along with it, improves help-seeking and facilitates learning, collaboration, innovation and most importantly - research.

And let's finish up with a quick fast five!

1. Best underwear ad of all time?

The latest Calvin Klein commercial with Justin Bieber. It's not the best of all time, but it definitely had people talking about it, which was the intention, no doubt!

2. Favourite stiff drink?

I do like Vodka.

3. AFL Team?

North Melbourne!

4. Most inspiring person?

Walt Disney for sure, he has so many great quotes but my favourite is "If you can dream it, you can do it."

5. Sydney or Melbourne? 

Having lived in both, I have to say Melbourne. 

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Giddy Up!

By Jacki-Lee Munckton

With Spring Racing Season well and truly into full swing, here’s our last – minute guide on choosing your spring carnival get – up for the only ‘race that stops the nation’.

The Suit
Playing by Spring Racing rules, a suit is an absolute must. Leave the corporate clothes at the office and pump it up a bit, using the small details to bring out your personality. As always, opt for a slimmer jacket paired with a matching narrow – leg pant. Any off-the-rack suits can always benefit from some quick touch-up alterations at a tailor. Apart from on Derby Day which maintains the strict, traditional dress code of classic black and white, branch out from the dark days by choosing something a little more colourful. For both Melbourne Cup and Crown Oaks Day, lightweight, softer suits are ideal, particularly in shades of cool grey and light blue. Fellas, make sure to keep in mind the colour trend of the season as noted by designer and Spring Racing expert Arthur Galan, “Blue is huge this season: every shade from navy to indigo to icy blue”.

SABA (top) and Country Road

The Shirt

Although seemingly hidden beneath your statement suit jacket, the humble shirt can easily make or break any Spring Racing ensemble. Keep the shirt tailored through the body and where possible opt for a French – cuffed piece, it’ll allow you to add a little sartorial flair. Ensure just a touch of shirt peeks out beneath your suit cuffs, a classic rule of suiting and which also enables you to subtly break up your colours. Lighter, even pastel coloured shirts will prove popular this year, especially in royal blue, yellows and daring pastel pinks.


 The Accessories

When it comes to Spring Racing Style, the accessories really do maketh the gentleman. Whilst the quintessential black shoe is always safe (and a must) for Derby Day, this season sees dress shoes in dreamy shades of chocolate and tan take the reins. If electing for the latter, steer clear of anything orange – based and opt for more caramel or honey – inspired hues. Despite the growing sans – socks trend at the moment, socks on race day are mandatory and are a cheeky way to be experimental with colour. Try Happy Socks, Paul Smith or Vanishing Elephant for playful options.

The tie and pocket square are sure to separate the fashion followers from the style elite. We’re recommending slimmer, pure silk or linen – silk blend ties which will add subtle textural interest to your suit jacket. Don’t be afraid to opt for your tie (or if daring, a bow-tie) in a bold hue or striking pattern, playing on colour and proportions. Pocket squares easily add a hint of flourish and luxury; with lighter, bolder colours and European style paisley print to the front of the queue.

Kris Smith (top) and MJ Bale

Spring Racing Season also calls for a buttonhole flower for each day; luckily the rules are already in place! Derby Day calls for the cornflower, yellow roses on Melbourne Cup Day and Pink Roses in a celebration of women on Crown Oaks Day.

From the team at Jack Lee Australia, enjoy the Spring Racing Season and remember gents – always stay classy.

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