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Bespoke Tees for Alzheimer's. Limited Edition.

By Jacki-Lee Munckton

From $20. 

(in keeping with our Christmas spirit)


As part of the 16 Days of Subi, be awed and inspired by JACK LEE Australia as they team up with a local artist to produce bespoke painted tees. 

We are proud to be donating all proceeds of the sales to the deserving McCusker Alzheimer's Research Foundation.

The following designs are still available with limited sizing. 

Email with your request. 

Background to the designs 

This series of designs have been influenced by the strange and bizarre, the revolutionary and outrageous, the factual and fradulent, the ancient and modern. Each of the four designs (the man who never was, enigma in the sky, voices on tape & telepathic terrier) is inspired by urban myths that are rich in odd occurrences. 


Stories of puzzling animal behaviour that sustain to some degree the possibility of the existence of anpsi have been appearing for centuries. Such stories tell not only of remarkable homing behaviour but also of other equally extraordinary feats: pets that find their masters in places where they have never been before travelled; animals that predict impending danger, including natural disasters; dogs that seem to sense their own death or that of their masters hundreds of kilometers away.


The theory of the voice phenomenon, as it is called, is that spirit entities address their living audience through the medium of a tape recorder. This form of communication is not undertaken in a direct manner, by imprinting an articulate, spoken message on a clean tape, but seems invariably to take the form of noise fragments that require hours of repeated listening and highly imaginative interpretations in order to be understood as words.

Previously available designs: 


In the early 1970's a group of 8, formed by the Toronto Society for Psychical Research in Canada, began a remarkable experiment. The group invented a non-existent figure from the past, then actively concentrated on making the invented ghost manifest. 



For all their vastness, the skies around the planet Earth are crammed with natural and identified flying objects- comets, meteors, stars, planes and hot air balloons- that beguile the most astute of observers. Especially when distorted by an ever-changing atmosphere, these bodies can trick the eye and mind into thinking they are UFO's.


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