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Sports - Luxe or just Lazy - Luxe ?

By Lucas Spezzacatena

With the Australian open well into full swing (yes, we’ve noticed all that neon – Nadal we’re looking at you!), sporting icons once again take centre stage and so do their get – ups as they simultaneously become icons of sports – luxe style. With a wave of new, young designers offering their take on luxury sportswear, it’s a modern trend that definitely has no intention of disappearing anytime soon. But with the fashion world divided, is sports – luxe really that luxe or just another cheeky excuse for plain lazy dressing? Well, let us take you through it all and ensure you’re not subject to any half – time disqualifications…


Up on top

Remember the old school deliberately oversized rugby jumpers you once wore? Well the notion has trickled down into sports luxe with an emphasis on boxy, over – sized style sweaters and jumpers. Let minimalism reign supreme with simple motifs or slogans (flocking is all the rage) stamped onto the front of your sweatshirt, paired back with looser, slouchy pieces. Sports – luxe has also seen a revival of the classic bomber jacket – though ditch your 90’s polyester option and veer towards the new trend of washed satin with contrast coloured cuffs. Perhaps five years ago it was a mandate for hoodies never to be worn outside of the confines of your own house but their reinvention has seen a polished and stylish take on the much loved basic. Hues of rich blue and purple are the colours of choice, slightly more tailored through the body and paired back with fitted trousers and sneakers. When it comes to sports – luxe up on top, just please keep away from that oversized rugby jumper from back in the day – despite all temptations!

 L-R: Frankie Morello, Kenzo, Dsquared2.

L-R; Frankie Morello, Kenzo, Dsquared2.

Givenchy, MSGM. 


 Down below

It’s definitely not about your grey marle, hardly washed track pants which once had a functional elastic waistband that is no longer! Instead, look out for the emergence of a modern athletic trouser bearing traits of super-soft, loose fitting (but still cleverly tailored) and elasticised ankles. If you consider yourself a little more daring then take the plunge with a tailored drop crotch style paired back with buckled ankle boots or high top sneakers. When it comes to trousers, it’s all about the finer details, be it a tapered, elasticised ankle cuff, clean cut zippers or fancy pockets. Sports style shorts also see a revival on the runway with slightly more tailored, above the knees styles in thicker jersey cottons and super slick perforated fabrics. Keep them fashion – forward with classic low top sneakers, sans visible socks.



The Sneaker

Undeniably, the classic sneaker has become the shoe of choice amongst the fashion world, regardless of one’s view towards the sports – luxe fascination. It continually manages to epitomise that casual, understated comfy – cool which defines men’s fashion as of late (particularly Australian gents). Do keep in mind to separate your functional sneakers from your ‘fashion’ sneakers – this is a must lads. The scuffed, worn kicks you take to the gym aren’t the kind you’ll be wearing out on Friday night. The low top is a more conservative and classic option, paired back with both trousers and tailored sports shorts. Sleeker, slimmer styles in luxe European leathers are our recommendation, particularly the Achilles style offered by cult sneaker label Common Projects. High tops are the trend of the moment, particularly those with embellishment as seen by both Givenchy and Buscemi. Pair them back with your athletic style trousers, either tucked into the high top or casually cuffed and sitting on the top edge of the shoe. Whilst canvas sneakers are abundant and usually a slightly less pricey alternative, we stick to our recommendation of all - leather kicks, particularly for sneaker newcomers.


Whilst sports – luxe can easily be confused with and mistaken for lazy – luxe, when executed thoughtfully it has all the potential in the world to emulate a modern, nonchalant casual – cool. And knowing the way in which most Australian men approach fashion, we don’t think this trend will be disappearing anytime soon!


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The Small Essentials

By Jacki-Lee Munckton

They say the accessory makes the man.

A philosophy we live and breathe here at Jack Lee.

Sit back and let us take you through the four top accessories you may be overlooking.

  1. Cardholders

Potentially the most underrated accessory in the world of men’s style, cardholders are the ultimate in understated, minimalist luxury. With guys increasingly yearning for fashion to be easy and fuss – free, cardholders are the logical go – to. With the classical wallet becoming bulkier and heavier, not to mention taking up far too much space in your back pocket, cardholders provide a lighter, more compact and practical alternative. Perfect for a night out, forcing gents to cut back their cards and cash to just the essentials as well as neatly fitting into the internal pocket of any suit jacket or blazer, how could anyone refuse? We recommend opting for an all – leather style, offering maximum durability. Our particular favourites are those being offered by Mr Tom Ford himself – slightly glazed lizard skin in a variety of stylish colours, the ultimate in men’s cardholders.


Tom Ford lizard skin cardholder and Bottega Veneta

  1. Belts

The humble belt has long been an underestimated accessory – its purpose is seemingly purely practical and the vast majority of gents have grown up on a diet of chunky, daggy black options handed down by their fathers. But with the potential to have such a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of your outfit, the humble belt surely deserves more attention. If it’s for work or formal purposes, always stick to thinner, plain – leather styles with a silver buckle – remembering to match your belt to your dress shoes. Just quietly, we love Louis Vuitton’s made – to – order shoe and belt service, creating an exact personal match in leather and colour! For downtime on the weekends mix it up with plaited or woven styles in canvas or leather. Keen to be a little more daring? Throw in a statement belt in a solid block colour, adding boldness and individuality to any outfit.


Tod’s Woven Leather Belt

  1. Pocket Squares

Often referred to as the ‘other half of your tie set’, pocket squares are a simple but effective way to add panache and sartorial flair to your suit get – up or item blazer. Back in the day, a casually furled pocket square was trademark for unique dressing and ultimate style. We recommend opting for pure silk pocket squares which will naturally have a slight sheen and are your most luxurious option. Linen and linen – silk blends are also gaining popularity, adding subtle textural interest to your blazer. Veer away from clashing your pocket square and tie as well as ensuring you nail the ‘fold’ suited to your occasion – the straight fold for highly formal or black – tie events and a puff or even peak fold for a more relaxed look. With the Spring Racing season almost upon us, expect to notice lighter, bolder colours and European style paisley prints when it comes to pocket squares.


  1. Sneakers

Gone are the days of Jerry Seinfeld infamously sporting clunky white sneakers with 80’s – washed denim jeans. No men’s accessory has seen such a grand transformation over the years than the classic sneaker. The crazy rise and popularity of the sports – luxe trend has seen almost every high – end menswear designer featuring sneakers in their collections. With sleeker, slimmer styles in luxe European leathers, it's easy to see how sneakers have become the shoe of choice for the style conscious, particularly at the major Fashion Week shows. Don’t be afraid to invest heavily in a pair of classic low tops – they’ll ensure you always emulate classic cool. Our favourites at the moment are the Achilles style offered by cult shoe label Common Projects, available in an array of colours. When it comes to high tops, offerings by Givenchy, Buscemi and Rick Owens are more than safe bets. Hit up Sneakerboy for a carefully curated selection of the best kicks around. 

New York Fashion Week 2014 go-ers

Sneaker offerings by Buscemi

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