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The Business of Briefs

By Lucas Spezzacatena

Here at JACK LEE Australia, we love hearing about local labels who share our passion of helping the wider community. ZAYN Underwear is one of those labels doing so whilst making your 'package' look oh so good - all at the same time! We sit down with the man behind it all - Jarryd Haefele...

So, tell us a little bit about Zayn Underwear?

I've developed a brand of underwear called Zayn. It's all about looking and feeling comfortable whilst at the same time, giving back and knowing you’re doing a good thing!

The idea came about one day by purely wanting to be my own boss and also creating my own brand identity. I'd read articles and read some really fascinating stories on origins of other major labels. I knew it was something I wanted to do, and from that moment it was a dream I haven't let go of.

I began researching ideas to creating my own business, and knew I had to start off small. I found underwear to be fascinating with the different styles, colours and materials and thought, I'll give it a go. I sat down and sketched a few ideas in my bedroom, asked my friends what they liked wearing, and then I was off!

 And how did this great idea of donating to beyondblue come about?

The next step I wanted to achieve was to be able to give back to an organisation that was close to my heart. I didn't just want to make money, I wanted to give back. Having had family members diagnosed with depression and anxiety, I chose beyondblue. 


What's the design process in creating a pair of Zayn undies? (I don't think it's as easy as everyone may think!)

Having had NO experience in fashion design, I had a lot to learn. From different materials, to different cuts, measurements - practically EVERYTHING. I can cheekily say that Google was a big help! But I consider myself a fast learner, and one of my favourite things to do is teach myself something new.

I have a degree in graphic design, so I knew my way around Photoshop and Illustrator which came in handy when creating the mock designs to send away to be produced. To me this process was the best part! (Apart from receiving my first samples and holding the product in my hands).

What makes a 'good' pair of undies?

I find the best pair of undies need 

  1. Support
  2. To look good 
  3. Most importantly - comfort.

Zayn can be worn all day, fits snug around the important areas... and doesn't ride up like most brands. I think I've converted a few guys to wearing Zayn underwear!


I'm sure it can be incredibly satisfying and humbling to see the funds from this collaboration at work in the community. What kinds of initiatives do the funds raised go towards supporting?

The money that is raised for beyondblue is directed towards funding their programs, research and campaigns which in turn increases awareness of depression and anxiety, reduces the stigma that comes along with it, improves help-seeking and facilitates learning, collaboration, innovation and most importantly - research.

And let's finish up with a quick fast five!

1. Best underwear ad of all time?

The latest Calvin Klein commercial with Justin Bieber. It's not the best of all time, but it definitely had people talking about it, which was the intention, no doubt!

2. Favourite stiff drink?

I do like Vodka.

3. AFL Team?

North Melbourne!

4. Most inspiring person?

Walt Disney for sure, he has so many great quotes but my favourite is "If you can dream it, you can do it."

5. Sydney or Melbourne? 

Having lived in both, I have to say Melbourne. 

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Must - Have Hair

By Lucas Spezzacatena


One Parisian fashion designer, a Mr. Hubert de Givenchy once noted that hair is the ‘final tip off’ when it comes to whether or not a man really knows who they are. And we tend to agree!

With top knots, hipster beards and messy buns all the rage last year thanks to the resurgence of old school barber shops, it’s now time to look towards the fuelling mane trends for 2015 before you choose how to tame your up - top…


The ‘It’ Styles

1. The Weightier Fringe

With the settling down of both hipster trends and ultra-classic cuts, we’re excited to see men’s hair finally snatching its edge back with this new fringe - focused style. To get the look, keep both your back and sides super short and sharp, particularly the crown area. When it comes to your front, the key is to keep the hair longer and slightly heavier, with the fringe maintained on a fairly regular basis. This is a great style to play around with, especially as the fringe becomes longer, allowing you to style it differently according to occasion or mood! To perfect the weighted fringe style, we’d opt for a styling product that won’t give your hair too much of a sheen nor an overly styled look – seek out fibre pastes or waxes for a firm hold.

                                                       Burberry Prorsum SS2014 Runway 


2. Side Part Pompadour

Consistently sneaking into runways and red carpets for years, we can now safely say that the classic pompadour is here to stay, although with a (thankfully!) modern rejuvenation. Pompadours pride themselves on being able to work with various lengths of hair – giving you the choice to keep it either super long or short on top. What we’re loving at the moment is a super short side, perhaps even a fade for those who are a little more daring, with a luscious, thicker pompadour on top. The trick to perfect this style is to keep your pompadour looking effortless and natural – so any over – styling is adverse. More classic cuts would have the back kept at a regular length, though an undercut all the way around is a more modern, yet still completely gentlemanly alternative! Have a watch of the video below to see how easy it can be to perfect one of our favourite trends;


3. Caesar Haircut

Constantly on the run? Hair not as luscious as you’d like? Thankfully, one of the key trends for the coming year will suit you just fine. The Caesar Haircut is the buzz cut style for the year ahead, priding itself as being one of the most easy to maintain and masculine styles. Favourited by many a Hollywood gent, the shorter length on top is incredibly easy to spike up or mess around with, requiring only a dab of wax or styling gel, often staying in place practically all day long – though a ‘hands off daddy’s hair’ may be required every now and again for all the fathers out there!



The ‘It’ Products

So you've favourited a style but are at a bit of a loss as to which styling products to opt for? Well we've always got you covered here at JACK LEE Australia, so here are a couple of our go-to options;


  Kevin Murphy – Provides a firm hold and gives you 
  plenty of time to style before it sets.

American Crew – Perfect for sensitive skin and scalp,
lets you manipulate hair into any style.

Happy Mane - Taming!

Share your new hair style for 2015 with our JACK LEE community!

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By Jacki-Lee Munckton

JACK LEE Australia was recently fortunate enough to be invited to Summer Rising – a vibrant, almost euphoria-inducing collaboration between artist Francesca Gnagnerella and Jess Pollitt of Perth – based label Ethel & Leo.

Awed by her tenacity and passion, we sat down with the bellezza that is Francesca Gnagnerella to discuss her past, present and future as an artist and collaborator.

So Francesca, tell us a little about your art background and how you came to be?

Well, I studied in Rome, where I'm from and I lived there until I was about 18. Sculpture was my first love when I was still at school and I created my first bronze sculpture under the tutelage of Italian sculptor Vito Pancella. When I moved to Paris to continue my studies at Sorbonne University, I decided however that painting was the area where I wanted to concentrate most of my artististic endeavours and it’s then that I started to develop my own painting technique. I started exhibiting in group shows in Paris in April 2006 and then had my first solo exhibition in Rome in May 2006.

Your artistic style is rather refined and very distinct – how would you describe it?

I create mostly large - format abstract paintings that reflect subtleties of colour, light, and luminosity. Most of my paintings are multi-layered and richly textured and they all feature 23 Carat gold leaf. I use bold, painterly brushstrokes and dripped paint together with thinned veiled stains to created shifting layers of colour. I am mostly inspired by landscapes, colours and experiences. I then reinterpret them in my mind into abstract form. Since I moved to Australia, my colour pallet has changed considerably and I find myself more inspired by the bright and cinematographic light of Perth and the natural elements that surround me here - the colours are so vibrant!

How did this phenomenal collaboration between yourself and Jess of Ethel and Leo materialise?

It was a matter of love at first sight when I first saw Ethel and Leo's creative dresses walking down the Perth Fashion Festival runway earlier this year. I loved every single piece of the collection and I didn't waste any time in getting in touch. I felt we needed to work together! Later this year Ethel and Leo dressed me for my exhibition in Hong Kong for the entire show, every day with a different outfit and everyone loved it! We knew we had to continue to work together and take the collaboration further. We found we have so much in common and the energy we share is amazing! It's really like our worlds are aligned. We didn't know each other before but we just fell in love with each other’s work and everything happened very quickly from there. "Summer Rising" was born!

Francesca with Jess Pollitt of Ethel & Leo, both dressed by E&L.
(Photo courtesy of Aimee Jones Photography)

We were fascinated by the innovative way in which the Summer Rising event was laid out – how would you describe it?

We have transformed my gallery apartment on the Swan River into a masterfully designed showroom made up of several spaces distinguished by various colour themes. For example, there is the beach - inspired paintings room, the geometrics and the nudes’ rooms. Having the exhibition displayed in my gallery apartment helps clients to visualise how the paintings would look in their own homes and having them displayed in a homely and styled environment definitely helps with the presentation. It also creates a really wonderful buzz and we all felt a much warmer atmosphere compared to the cold environment of some gallery spaces with quite a few people often embarrassed to ask questions or feel intimidated walking into traditional galleries - here I get to talk directly with all my guests and they love the personal approach in experiencing art.

What has been one of your personal favourite collaborations between art and fashion over the years?

It's amazing to see how much large fashion brands collaborate with artists to always reinvent their brand and always create something new and exciting. Most recently I loved the collaboration of Italian brand Furla with twelve Asian artists to produce exclusive designs for their Candy bags. Each bag was uniquely ‘artified’ for the #candycool project; I wish I was one of them!

With the success of Summer Rising, will we see you potentially collaborating further with Jess and Ethel & Leo?

Definitely! We all feel that this collaboration has to continue because it works so well. We are about to launch a limited edition dress using one of my paintings that was on show at the 'Summer Rising' exhibition. Called 'The Future of Now', it features bold pinks and oranges and will look amazing once transformed into an Ethel and Leo dress. It is only going to be produced in twenty metres onto the most softest of silk fabrics. I cannot wait to see it and to wear it! It will be perfect for hot summer festive nights! 

You can follow Francesca on Instagram using @fragnagna_art

You can also follow Ethel & Leo on Instagram using @ethel_and_leo.

Aimee Jones Photography is available on Instagram using @aimeejonesphoto

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