Care to YOGA?

By Jacki-Lee Munckton

Candlelit champagne – fuelled dinner? Daytime picnic in the park? Weekend away for two? Yeah, yeah, all thoughtful, romantic suggestions.

Now don’t get us wrong, we think they’re alright but that won’t keep her around nor within sight. With the notion of (cue the shudders of many a gent) ‘romance’ becoming more diversified, we’re seeing a steady rise in fairly abstract dating shindigs. Sports, for one. Yoga, to be specific. Yes lads, you heard right, Y-O-G-A.

Yoga [yoh-guh] (noun)
                           A Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part
                           of which, including breathing control, simple
                             meditation and the adoption of specific bodily
                             postures, is widely practised for health and relaxation.

Superman Strength

It’s not merely about fancy poses and maintaining stillness! Yoga is in fact an incredible benefit to your strength and flexibility (something us gentleman often lack). “But how can a couple of stretchy poses give me the strength of Zeus?!” you protest. Well, what you probably didn’t know is that those poses strengthen your body from the inside – out. They’re designed to reinforce the muscles around your spine, the very centre of your body – the core from which everything else operates. Get your core working properly and you’ll find your posture improved which alleviates that pesky back, shoulder and neck pain.

And listen up; the isometric exercises associated with yoga are one of the best ways to amp up your core strength. ‘Isometric’ basically means holding one single position without any movement. We recommend using a higher – temperature room to assist in keeping the muscles warm and in turn, releasing additional toxins from the body. Not only do you find yourself becoming stronger and more flexible but your endurance levels will also rise as you aim to hold poses for extended breaths.


Yoga your way to better sex

We like to have you covered from the boardroom right through to the bedroom here at JACK LEE. And we’re staying true to our word as we kindly inform you that practicing yoga can make sex more satisfying and improve performance. For us men, being good in the sack is important but can also be bloody exhausting. Not to worry – certain yoga practices are scientifically proven to improve endurance, stamina and cardiovascular functionality.

The cardio exercises involved with yoga also release endorphins in your brain which produce cheeky feelings of pleasure and euphoria! Keeping to the same tune, two recent studies published in The Lancet, a British medical journal, found that practicing the yoga position Savasana continuously, led to a 26 point drop in systolic blood pressure. Just so we’re clear lads; the lower your blood pressure, the more easily blood can flow to every ‘member’ of your body. Maintaining excellent blood flow and circulation helps not only in the process of arousal but also helps to prolong it. If you or your partner need any more encouragement, have a watch of this video:


Trust like no other

Partner or couples yoga is a playful and excellent way to develop and build trust.

The rejuvenation of yoga over the last few years has given way to new, fresh poses which allow you and your partner to be interconnected while moving together through the poses, as well as alternating and helping one another.

Partner yoga is known by fans to build connectedness, trust and vulnerability as well as involving loads of laughter and vital communication. The goal lads, is for participants to communicate and negotiate (shudder, but give it a go hey!) with their significant other to master a give and take relationship that builds trust, not only in your partner but also in yourself.

Impress yourself and your partner by giving yoga a whirl this summer, we know we will.


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