Middle East style guru back down under.

By Jacki-Lee Munckton


Zoe Brown's ASN Style company originally started as a simple online platform. It quickly became a full blown creative consultancy, PR and sales agency. In a nutshell, ASN assisted brands looking to enter the Middle East market on many different levels. Now in OZ, Zoe has her online blog (ASN) while she balances her time with a newborn baby.

So tell us in a few words h
ow you ended up back in Perth, Australia with a new baby and burgeoning fashion blog.
I wasn't initially ready to leave everything but my husband convinced me that we needed to take a step back, slow things down and start a family in a more 'real' environment. It was time after 10 years away. We came back here for a month and four weeks after that we were packed and on our way back permanently!
Zoe Brown & Anna Della Russo - Editor at large Vogue JapanPictured - Zoe Brown & Anna Della Russo, Editor at large Vogue Japan
Blog aside, what other cool things have you worked on in Perth since getting back? 
Before I became too pregnant I did a series of secret popup dinners which brought together key 'influencers' and top chefs in Perth. Once I became more pregnant I focused on relaunching ASNstyle online. 
So I hear your wedding was covered in Harper's Bazaar, err hello? We need to see a photo. Oh yes, your dress is divine. Tell us more..
The (two!) dresses were created by one of my clients, Marina Qureshi, who is HUGE in the Middle East. Marina's designs are favoured by Florence Welch, Lara Stone & Amanda Seyfried so getting her to do a wedding dress was a first. It was a Dove Grey colour as I'm not a typical bridal kind of gal :)
We have a lot of wives buying clothes for their husbands. Any suggestions on what the ladies must buy for them? 
I am the worst shopper - ask anyone who works in fashion and they'll tell you they are not big shoppers! However, I almost buy everything online. My husband is English so he has a very 'proper' and classic style. He wears a lot of JCrew, Jack Wills, Country Road and sometimes The Kooples if he's feeling a little trendy. I know his style really well now so I always buy what ever looks a little classic and preppy - I don't think he owns one shirt that doesn't have a collar but that's him not me! My advice is to buy online!! 
And finally, our JACK LEE men like to stay ahead of the game in looking good. Any new trends we should watch out for in menswear? Is the exposed man ankle staying around? 
Yes and I kind of like it - it just depends on what the trousers are. My advice to look good is to get RID of those low cut cleavage bearing tops Aussie guys love to wear. Also, buy a blazer in a soft fabric like a heavy jersey or cotton. The sharp cut mixed with a more casual fabric looks so good with jeans on the weekend.
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